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The card will list the names of all eligible family members and their identification numbers.

You need to show this card to your doctor, dentist, pharmacist, optician or ambulance attendant each time you or a family member receives a service paid for by the Alberta Adult Health Benefit plan.

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If you are in an abusive relationship, the most important thing to know is that you are not alone and you do not deserve to be abused.Knowing your health and your family’s health is cared for will bring peace of mind. The Alberta Adult Health Benefit plan pays for health services, such as eyeglasses, prescription drugs and dental care that are not available through standard Alberta Health Care Insurance.The health benefit plan is for individuals and families with limited incomes. If you have trouble calculating your income, contact us.To ensure confidentiality, the Health Benefit Centre will only provide general information about a program or benefit. Please do not include personal details such as your Social Insurance Number, Date of Birth, Banking Information or Personal Health Number.Personal information you submit by email is not secure and may be observed by a third party while in transit.

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