Am i an intimidating person

So much so that it’s been in bed that men have called me intimidating, because I have no qualms about speaking up and telling them what I like and don’t like or, as the case sometimes may be, that my clitoris is two inches to the right. I knew I’d reached a true level of badass when I was able to forgive my estranged husband for cheating on me.To be able to look at a person who caused you some of the greatest pain in your life and be able to say to them, without hesitation or doubt, “I forgive you” is an extraordinary thing.

I’d love to see a guy do any of that—especially walk two miles with a sprained ankle. While I’m in no way suggesting I’m the only woman out there who owns her sexuality and truly embraces that aspect of her, I am absolutely saying that when it comes to the men I’ve known, I’ve been far more in touch with my sexuality than any of them.That means that we're not fully engaged in the present. Not thinking about anything besides the person in front of you. I'd much rather do 5,000 pushups with a wonderful woman -- sitting on my back to increase my resistance." Readers? And that's intimidating, for sure, but more importantly, it's off-putting. Am I right about her being distracted as opposed to intimidating? It’s the type of badass-ness that I wish I had had years ago, but I guess we have to wait until we’re older to achieve such a status. Although I do love chivalry and being spoiled occasionally is fantastic, most of the time, I prefer to be the alpha in my relationships.I prefer to be the one who makes more money, the one who makes the majority of the decisions, and the one who, as much as I hate this saying, wears the pants.

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I enjoy hanging out at sports bars with apps and wings, traveling, etc. I enjoy being out of the house, raising money and organizing events for charity, zoos/animals, scrapbooking, reading and writing, hanging out with my family, etc. His opinion is that men look at me, see how in shape and strong I am, and run away in fear.

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