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Kepuharjo village chief Heri Suprapto, who was evacuated 12 days ago with his wife and four of his children, said he was worried for the safety of people from his village.“The people from my village are scattered in various temporary shelters. Government volcanologist Surono said the volcano was hard to predict.“The eruption from Merapi has not stopped since November 3, although its intensity has gone down and up again,” he said, adding there were no plans to expand the “danger zone”.Merapi killed about 1 300 people in 1930 but experts say the current eruptions are its biggest convulsions since 1872.The construction of the recent Merapi cone (New Merapi) began afterwards.Mostly basaltic andesite pyroclastic and epiclastic deposits of both Old and New Merapi (C years BP, with all younger products having high-K affinity.Rescuers picked through the rubble of destroyed homes on Saturday as officials prepared for a mass burial of people killed by the latest violent eruption of Indonesia’s most active volcano, which continues to rumble.Ash, deadly heat clouds and molten debris gushed from the mouth of Mount Merapi and shot high into the sky Friday, triggering chaos on the roads as people fled their homes.

Flights to cities closer to Merapi—including Yogyakarta, Solo and Bandung—have also been affected.

A tsunami smashed into villages on the remote Mentawai island chain following a 7,7-magnitude earthquake off the coast on October 25, killing 428 people and leaving 15 000 homeless.

The Indonesian archipelago has dozens of active volcanoes and straddles major tectonic fault lines known as the “ring of fire” from the Indian to the Pacific oceans.

Airlines cancelled 36 flights to and from Jakarta on Saturday, affecting international carriers from Europe to Asia, because of ash from the Mount Merapi volcano, an airport spokesperson said.

In echoes of the disruption when thousands of flights were cancelled in April this year after ash spewed from a volcano in Iceland, several major international carriers were hit in their Indonesian operations.“Thirty-six flights to and from Jakarta from 11 airlines have been cancelled today.

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Mount Merapi, on Central Java, first started erupting on October 26, a day after a tsunami killed more than 400 people in a remote area off Sumatra island.

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