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She says that she is in no way affiliated with MFK (except she's a party member).

Let's hear one of those howling, ripping, roaring, shouting, shrieking and snorting belly laughs! Shortly we will witness the usual musical chairs with a change of the guard: many civil servants will be sent home (keeping their salary checks) as long as they don't come to their jobs.

On the 14 December Isla refinery shareholders' (there's only one, the country of Curaçao) meeting not only was the entire board of commissioners fired; it was also decided to hold them legally responsible for all damages incurred by the refinery. hey, what else is there left to do for the Can Take It On that glorious date of 10-10-10 Curaçao island had 400 million guilders in the coffers.

He knocked over an old woman, killing her, and drove on.

Later he became prime minister of his country, where he continued his criminal career.

Dynamic professional with experience in business innovation, strategic marketing and partnership development.

Passionate about sports business industry, premium segment and FMCG. Worked and studied in Slovakia, Austria and Belgium.

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