Cyber relationships the risks and rewards of online dating

We here at Lambda Mi Education & Development have been studying, researching, watching (people) and writing about social, communication and emotional health and psychology issues online since around 1990.

And it’s quite alarming to see so very many young school children for instance, their faces practically glued to their smart-phone screens, watching and checking constantly and even interrupting conversations between people (present) as a new text or communication ‘bleeps’ in, or in constantly replying to someone on the phone while trying to listen or converse with someone else who is physically present.

And if you just glance around when out walking or shopping or whatever, it’s becoming almost constant for so very many of our young people.

If they’re not glued to a computer screen (of whatever size), they’re glued to the small screen of their smart phone or plugged in through headphones, catching the latest music or podcasts. But what is the social, relationship and emotional intelligence impact of enabling online technology to be so omnipresent?

“Fortunately she survived, but had to be taken to the hospital.” Such dangers are ever present with any type of distraction, but may also speak to a larger issue ~ whether or not human beings, as a species, were really meant to be constantly communicating.

This ~ ‘always-on’, ‘real-time flow of conversation’ ~ that we’re getting from everyone, isn’t the way that human beings were designed to process information from an evolutionary perspective.

Adults typically have a harder time learning that kind of new integration rather than a teenager or child who grows up with it as a normal part of their tool kit, dismissing the idea that growing up with such wide Internet access could have an adverse effect on children.

We don’t think it has any kind of negative effect because they are going to learn how to use it in (hopefully) mostly healthy ways from the onset.

But this is the situation as is and we have to try to live with it … Some have voiced through various media that this new age feels like a different world.And even more important, what of a individuals social and emotional skills?As with anything else, there are advantages and disadvantages.The negative aspects however, should be ignored (at our peril) and especially so when considering EQ emotional intelligence and all the social and relationship skills we all require.It’s a fact today that everyone seems to be constantly checking multiple e-mail accounts, chat accounts and peer networking on various social sites, in addition to the [now seemingly boring] texting and instant messaging to our friends, family and co-workers.

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