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“This is the game they (police) always play, especially since she is a girl.

They incite the other detainees and say ‘this girl wants men and women to be gay’ so they harass her.

The report by the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) investigated cases of sexual violence committed by Egyptian security forces from July 3, 2013, when former President Mohamed Morsi was ousted by a coup led by then-military chief and current President Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi, until the end of 2014.

A separate UN Women report from 2013 found that 99.3 percent of women in Egypt had suffered from sexual harassment or assault.

The FIDH report went a step further, however, arguing that Egypt's security forces systematically use sexual violence as a way of quelling opposition figures and activists, or even as a means to inhibit investigations.

Children are also targeted by sexual violence perpetrated by security forces, with the report saying that "anyone who hasn't been raped is the exception." More than 500 children have been detained for political reasons since 2013.

Following the confrontation, she was placed into the back of a police van and was subsequently raped by three police officers.

"But what our research has found is that all women detainees are at risk of sexual violence in detention, regardless of whether they are political detainees or women accused of what you might consider ordinary criminal offenses." Piachaud added that Egypt's authorities have "determinedly" shut off "every avenue" for survivors of sexual violence.Separately, actress and activist Angelina Jolie condemned sexual violence inflicted on Rohingya women.This documentary is straight out of the Mitchell and Webb "looking for a gift for my aunt" sketch (look it up).In fact, the police have been enjoying a very high level of impunity for the crimes they have been committing for the past few months, starting from June 30.Whether it's killing, torture or whatever else, also including sexual violence against men, women and minors, whether in police custody or outside of it," Dalia Abd el-Hammeed, the gender and women's rights officer at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, told DW.

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