Updating a view in oracle

You can also add additional row restriction to the view as we have done.


UPDATE_EMP_THRU_OUTEMP_VIEW' [email protected]&Gt update outemp set dname = 'OPERATIONS' where ename = 'C Farmer'; 1 row updated.You can think of a view as a lens looking at one or more tables.A view is really nothing more than a logical representation of one or more tables in a database.Oracle provides a Tax Vendor Extension to integrate external tax calculation programs with the Oracle Application's Accounts Receivable module.This extension allows you to provide for complex tax calculation requirements while retaining the full power of Receivables to create and store other tax data.

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You can clearly see that I did not do such a good job with this. This SELECT can include a WHERE clause or anything else for that matter that can be put into a SELECT statement. This is a pretty common thing to do, By having a view that already does this we save having to write that function in every query where this is a requirement.

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