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With the Windows 7 Release Candidate expiration date is just a few days away, many of Windows 7 RC users are asking a way to downgrade to Windows XP/Vista.

Note that without the help of folder you won’t be able to downgrade from Windows 7. Now check the size of folder by right-clicking and then selecting properties.

Make sure that folder size is less than two times the amount of free space available on Windows 7 drive (C drive).

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(Click on at the bottom of this page.) Service Pack 2 (SP2) appeared on 2004-08-06.

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If the folder size is two times as large as the Windows 7 drive free space, disable system restore feature and also disk cleanup to get some free space. Select your language, time, keyboard type and then hit Next button to continue. In the Install Windows screen, click Repair your computer option to open System Recovery Options. Here select your Windows 7 OS and note down your Windows 7 Drive letter before clicking Next. In the following window, click Command Prompt to start downgrading from Windows 7 to XP. First you need to move all the contents of your Windows 7 drive to a folder.

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