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Sonya Nelson* had a similar, brutal experience with her college roommate.“I had just started to think of myself as bisexual,” explained the now 34-year- old Nelson.But rape kits, which can increase arrests for and prosecution of rape by nearly 50 percent, are still not being tested regularly.Los Angeles alone has a backlog of more than 12,000 rape kits.As SFRCC explains, “Because many people define rape at penetration by a penis, woman-to-woman rape is not acknowledged or taken seriously.

The Do J and the FBI cite rape as the most common violent crime (a woman is raped every two minutes in the U.

How many of those rape kits include the DNA of another woman?

In April 2009, Melissa Huckaby, a Sunday-school teacher, was arraigned for the rape and murder of Sandra Cantu, an eight-year-old playmate of Huckaby’s own daughter in Tracy, Calif.

In the morning she acted as if it had never happened. But each subsequent time she stayed at my house, the same scenario played out: She waited until I was asleep and then began having sex with me.

It was years before I could acknowledge this was rape.

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